Therapy Programs

The tried-and-true method: 12 Weeks

For the vast majority of clients our 12-week therapy program is the best course of treatment. It consists of 3 therapy sessions each week, for 10 continuous weeks. Then the last 2 weeks (to make a total of 12) are scheduled 4 weeks and then another 6 weeks after the end of the 10 week block. These last 2 weeks function as follow-up sessions to help solidify therapy results.

This program is designed to focus mainly on the neuromodulation or brainwave repatterning effects of microcurrent therapy (2 HEADBAND sessions each week). These sessions help repair, rebuild, and reinforce neural connections and train the brain to use all the frequencies with ease. Perhaps most importantly, these sessions help the brain practice moving in and out of these different frequencies – as opposed to staying “stuck” in one frequency the majority of the time.

The third session of each week is called a SYSTEMIC and can look many different ways. However each of those protocols are aimed at improving sensory processing, enhancing gut health, reducing inflammation and full-body detoxification.

There are 12 weeks in this program due to the many neuroplasticity studies that show when training the brain new patterns, results become permanent after 8-12 weeks of intervention.  


This image shows a client receiving one of the various systemic therapy protocols. This particular protocol is referred to as a Bilateral Spinal.

Two probes are connected by lead wires to the microcurrent device. These probes are moved up and down the length of the spine at small intervals. Again, the tiny frequencies are being delivered to the body with very little physical sensation. 

Other systemic protocols will utilize probes with flat disc shaped tips, larger plates, and/or flexible electrode pads. Each systemic will have a slightly different focus, such as improving sensory processing, enhancing gut health, reducing inflammation and/or full-body detoxification.

12-week Program Cost

The fair market value for each one of these 30 min therapy sessions is $125. So the total cost is $4,500 for all 12 weeks, or $1500 each month. 

However, we want to make this program available to those who cannot afford to contribute the full cost of their child’s therapy. In so much we offer a variety of payment options and arrangements to fit every family’s individual needs.

Please contact us to discuss this more in depth.

Our next 12-week program will start soon

We allow a limited number of patients to start this program at the beginning of each 12-week session. Your child’s therapy appointments will be private, though having everyone on the same time-table makes it easier for our provider to supervise the various procedures and modifications throughout the duration of the program.

Call or email to find out if this therapy will be a good fit for your child, and to reserve the session time that will work best for your schedule BEFORE our next cohort fills up!

Sample Schedule:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays  3:30pm – 4:00pm

Intensive Therapy Program

Families that live outside of San Diego often use summer and other school holiday breaks as an opportunity travel here and enroll their child in the Intensive Therapy Program.

This program essentially delivers a full week’s worth of microcurrent therapy each day, for 5 days. This requires an hour session (a double HEADBAND session) in the morning and then returning to the office in the late afternoon for a SYSTEMIC session.  Which means in just 5 days your child could receive 5 weeks worth of therapy sessions.

*Usually this program is best suited for pre-teens, teens, and young adult clients. Additionally, results will vary much more than with the 12-week program.

Weekly Intensives are usually scheduled during summer months and/or in-between our 12-week cohorts.  Please call us to inquire further!

Intensive Program Cost

The rate for intensive programs is still $125 for each 30 min session. Since you are doing 3, 30-min sessions each day (2 in the morning, one in the afternoon) your child will receive 15 total sessions within the week. Making the total cost $1875.

Just like our 12-week program, we can discuss options to fit your family’s budget. 

Follow-up Therapy Sessions

Many parents often bring our clients back in for 3 or 6 follow-up therapy sessions, every 6-12 months. These sessions help remind and reinforce those neuromodulation effects that took place over the course of their 12-week therapy program. Additionally, follow-up can help clear out any toxins that may be lingering a bit too long in other areas/systems of the body.

Concussion Therapy Sessions

More and more data continues to pour in about the danger of concussions and subconcussive injuries. And the potential for long-term effects exponentially increases with each new head trauma! Click here for a list of scholarly articles discussing these very serious side-effects such as difficulty concentrating and attending, working-memory impairment, and mood or personality changes.

Microcurrent Therapy offers a one-of-a-kind solution for reducing the recovery time often associated with concussions. Microcurrent’s tiny electric frequencies will reduce inflammation and help stabilize connectivity throughout the brain. Our concussion therapy sessions are 45-60 minutes in length, are are recommended multiple days a week. However, depending on severity, you could be fully recovered in just 2 sessions!

Stop waiting for it to just get better on it’s own, call today to set up an appointment!

Young athlete in helmet, from behind

One free therapy session

We take concussions seriously, and so should you. So serious in fact, Microcurrent 4 Kids will provide one free microcurrent therapy session to anyone who is diagnosed with a concussion. Simply call to make an appointment and bring your concussion diagnosis (or medical release paperwork) with you. Additional sessions are $125 each.