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How Microcurrent Helps the Brain Heal

Our pediatric therapy programs for cognitive conditions center on reorganizing brainwave patterns (neuro-modulation), while at the same time, detoxifying the entire body.

Our brain naturally uses different wavelengths (frequencies) at various times during the day, in a very organized and predictable pattern. Brainwave patterns that are chaotic or otherwise different from a healthy, natural rhythm are associated with many different conditions, such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, and so on. Microcurrent therapy easily and effectively regulates brainwave patterns, thus training the brain to independently use a more organized and healthy rhythm.

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Autism & Microcurrent Therapy

Recent studies have found consistent patterns in the brain activity of children with Autism. These children use the alpha wavelengths less often, and have less ability to maintain alpha when compared to typically developing children. Teens and adults with very high-functioning Autism show similar alpha patterns to typically developing peers.

Our microcurrent sessions focus on creating the alpha frequencies, as well as organizing the wave patterns and increasing connectivity between different parts of the brain, which may lessen the symptoms and severity of Autism.

ADHD & Microcurrent Therapy

In typical-developing children the beta frequencies are not used as often (as compared with adults) because of the natural cognitive development process. So for example, a child with ADHD is frequently in theta — for adults, this would look relaxed and meditative — however, in a child you see day-dreaming, distractibility, difficulty focusing on alpha and beta tasks (such as reading and math), etc. This is why ADHD medication, which are stimulants, seem to calm and focus the child, however they are just chemically inducing these higher frequencies within the brain.

Microcurrent therapy helps the brain practice transitioning between theta, alpha and beta independent of medication. Over time, the brain learns how to use and change between the various frequencies on it’s own. This could lessen or possibly eliminate many ADHD symptoms.

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