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Is this electric device safe?

Our microcurrent device is FDA approved and completely safe for individuals of all ages. In fact, all of our therapy protocols are specifically tailored to children. Our device can only administer current at the same frequencies of the body’s natural electrical system. Additionally, thanks to the input/output technology of our Electro-Equiscope device, the body is essentially “telling” the instrument the exact microcurrent frequency it needs.

is there any pain or discomfort with this therapy?

Most patients feel either nothing at all, or only a slight tapping sensation at the points on the body where the plates/probes are placed. Some experience a slight “prickling” sensation which is generally not painful, but can feel itchy. Our technicians adjust intensity levels to each patient’s comfort level.

Is this therapy only for Autism?

No! We work with clients with many different types of cognitive challenges. We have experience with ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, delayed cognitive processing, PDD-NOS, Dyslexia, post-concussion syndrome, Tourettes, OCD, Body Dysmorphia, and many others.

What can I expect during the first session?

You will complete a medical history form and then usually review that with our provider for about 15 minutes to  assess overall and current behavioral health.

Then we will explain, demonstrate, and coax (if necessary) our way through getting the headband and electrode plates placed on you/your child’s head. The provider will run the first 30 min HEADBAND protocol, while ensuring that the headband and electrodes stay in place. During this time you/your child are free to relax and/or enjoy an activity that will most likely keep him/her in one spot for the duration of the session. 

The first visit generally lasts about an hour, with subsequent appointments lasting only about 30 minutes.

When can I expect to see results?

Every person responds differently, as our bodies are all very different. 80-90% of patients report positive results, such as decreased anxiety and an improved ability to focus, after about 6-weeks of therapy. Nearly all other patients notice improvements before the end of the 12-week program. As with any kind of intervention, a small number (less than 5%) of patients do not respond to therapy.

Due to the rapid detoxification of damaged cells and those toxins flooding the body’s lymphatic & digestive systems, a few clients report experiencing fatigue, headache, and/or intestinal upset for a few hours/days after some sessions, but this typically subsides quickly. Keeping your child hydrated throughout their program greatly helps to flush out these toxins and minimize these side effects.

What is the cost of this therapy?

The fair market value for each one of these 30 min therapy sessions is $125. So for our 12-week program the total cost is $4,500, or $1500 each month. 

This may seem high, however the price is consistent with the intelligent nature of our specific microcurrent device, the Electro-Equiscope, the rising costs of office rent, and fair wages for educated and experienced providers. In fact other therapies similar to microcurrent (FSM, eMRT, etc) are often much, much more.

What if I can't afford to pay the full amount?

We encourage families, who are financially able, to make a contribution to cover the full cost of their child’s therapy. Any donation above the fair-market value amount may be tax deductible and will help make this therapy available to families who cannot otherwise afford it.

As a nonprofit we still want to make this program available to those who cannot afford to contribute the full cost of their child’s therapy. The first option is to sign up for automatic weekly/monthly contributions through our website, where you can spread the full cost out over a longer period of time, say 6 – 12 months. (i.e. $375 – $750 each month)

If that is still too much of a financial burden, the next option is to fill out an financial application, including providing tax returns, in order to have a lower payment amount awarded to you, based on your family’s financial needs. The amount discounted will be dependent upon your financial situation.

You may choose to sign up for automatic weekly/monthly contributions through our website, where you can spread the full cost out over a longer period of time if that works best for you. Donations may be made at any time and in any amount.

What will my donation dollars do?

Donations are used simply to keep our clinic running. We use donations to pay rent, and other office expenses, as well as the hourly cost for our technicians to provide service to the individuals receiving therapy. In time we hope that we will have enough regular donations to grow our clinic, hire more technicians and serve more children and families!

Do we have to do all 12 weeks?

Yes. Prior to changing to a nonprofit, parents were able to choose how many therapy sessions they wanted to pay for. This yielded inconsistent and marginal results. Now that this program is provided to you on a donation basis, commitment to the full 12 weeks is required. 

Can my child be on medication while receiving this therapy?

Many parents come to us because they are frustrated with the lack of positive results with medications, or because they are tired of treating the symptom rather than the cause of the ailment. Depending on the diagnosis, it may be possible for microcurrent therapy to reduce the need for medications (*when under the direction of the prescribing physician). Thus pharmaceuticals are ok to use while receiving this therapy.

That said however, if your child’s medication is chemically “holding” the brain in a specific frequency/state it can be very difficult for the brain to respond to microcurrent.  Call us to specifically discuss your child’s situation with our provider.

Is microcurrent the same as e-stim massage or TENS devices?

No. Microcurrent instruments are the only electrical stimulation devices that have the capability to administer a small enough current to interact at the cellular level. Our microcurrent device is also equipped with advanced input/output technology, enabling our devices to detect areas in the body that aren’t responding well to the electrical signals, and then target those specific areas until clear connectivity is achieved.

TENS devices operate at much larger/higher frequencies and can only deliver a current, meaning they are NOT able to receive biofeedback. Additionally, they are administering current at such a large/high frequency that cells cannot respond to it.